Spring Into Beauty: Spring Makeup Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that, over the past few years, makeup has really become A THING. Like, seriously a THING; and social media is absolutely abuzz with amazing pics and tutorials from both professional and amateur makeup artists alike that show some of the insane looks they’ve achieved through the power of the pallet. Everywhere you look, there are faces whose every facet are highlighted and contoured and colored with such precision and skill that it boggles the mind, and it seems that all things mermaid/unicorn/rainbow are all the rage. Basically, there’s no color in the spectrum that’s off limits, and makeup is about more than just concealing a few flaws and setting off your best features—it’s about self-expression, and people are more than willing to play.

From crayon-box hues that defy the rules of tradition to falsies so full and lush that they could set off a breeze in the next city when you blink your eyes, nothing’s considered too over the top. The trick in pulling it off lies in HOW you use what you’re using and how confident you feel in the look you’re serving.

Follow the Rainbow

So just what’s hashtagging for spring when it comes to makeup? Think spring showers and what they bring…Nope, not the flowers, but the rainbows. Those colors are inspiring eye shadow artistry like nothing else, and the wide range of shades the pallet offers—both Technicolor boldness and as well as those whose more pastel-ly pigments make them a little less jarring—are ideal for every skin tone under the sun. To make the trend more do-able, choose complementary shades that blend well into one another; or take a risk and bounce around with your brush to bring in unexpected pops of color.

Line It Out

Spring is also loving a bold eyeliner, rocking out with shades that are anything but black. Think brilliant blues, vibrant violets, and fierce fuschias—all you need is a steady hand.

Be Pretty In Pink

Think pink! Pops of pink are showing up in everything from lip-glosses and lipsticks to blushes and eye shadows, and going full-on with the girly color is one of the hottest things trending this spring. If you’ve got darker skin, try deep, rosy hues. For those with fair complexions, pastel pinks are the most complementary.

Barely There

For those of us who feel more comfortable with a more subtle, I just left my facialist/no makeup look, this season is still embracing the understated face. Use tones that add a subtle glow to your skin and make you look naturally flushed or perfectly sun-kissed. Even in this age of less isn’t always more and a go big or stay home mentality, there still seems to be an undeniable appeal surrounding both classic as well as more barefaced looks.

Whatever your style, there’s a makeup trend perfect for you this spring and a limitless garden of colors just waiting to make your face bloom.