Skincare. Every Day.

Skincare is what we do every day-it’s what we are passionate about!

In 2017, Dr. Kimberly Lehman, a Board Certified Dermatologist, started her own dermatology practice-Lehman Advanced Dermatology, to focus on the overall patient experience. Kay Nehrbass RN, an expert Nurse Injector with over 16 years of experience in the aesthetics business, joined the team to round out the cosmetic services division of the practice. Dr. Kim and Nurse Kay shared a goal of wanting to provide patients with quality, medical-grade skincare at an affordable price. This was the beginning of K2 Skincare™ and K2 Signature Skincare™, Lehman Advanced Dermatology’s own skincare lines named for Dr. Kim and Nurse Kay. The products are hand-picked by Dr. Kim and Nurse Kay and are paraben-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, colorant-free, and vegan-friendly. “We are very happy with the results we are seeing with these products—they are changing our patients' skin and our patients are thrilled with the affordability of the high quality products.”

According to Dr. Lehman, a good skincare regimen starts with sun protection. “No matter how much improvement we are able to achieve with skin tone, texture, clarity, and brilliance, all improvement can be ravaged by the sun in a short period of time.” Dr. Lehman tells her patients that they must protect their investment with good daily sun protective measures. Dr. Lehman and Nurse Kay have selected Elta MD® and Colorescience® sun protective products due to their high quality, SPF levels, and elegance in application. If applied and re-applied appropriately, these lotions, creams, and even powder brushes will prevent sunburn which over time leads to unwanted signs of sun damage and skin cancer.

"No matter how much improvement we are able to achieve with skin tone, texture, clarity, and brilliance, all improvement can be ravaged by the sun in a short period of time.”

- Dr. Kimberly Lehman

Dr. Lehman also feels a good skincare regimen includes a Vitamin C product. Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and skin brightener. The molecule can be unstable, so addition of Ferulic Acid is helpful to ensure the product works well. Daily application of our K2 Signature Skincare™ Vitamin C + Ferulic Antioxidant and BHA Gel will protect skin from free-radicals which destroy collagen and elastin and are encountered in the environment throughout the day.

At nighttime, Dr. Lehman recommends application of a topical retinoid product. Retinoids come in multiple forms and can be prescription or nonprescription. Retinoids in the form of Retinol are a non-prescription option that tend to be less irritating to the skin. “We have three topical medical-grade retinols in our K2™ and K2 Signature™ Skincare lines, because we know everyone’s skin is different and we can tailor the Retinol to each patient’s skincare needs.” The K2 Signature™ Gentle Retinol is great for those who have Rosacea or more sensitive skin. For those who have been on a Retinol for a while or who have less sensitive skin, the K2™ Anti-aging Retinol or Radical Retinol, which also contains trichloroacetic acid (TCA), are great choices. Retinols are applied at night, as they are broken down by sunlight. A small pea sized amount is typically all that is required for the desired results, as retinoids in general can cause dryness and irritation if overused or applied inappropriately. Dr. Lehman recommends applying a moisturizer after applying Retinol to help avoid irritation.

While good skincare and sun protection are the foundations of skin health, sometimes other cosmetic interventions are needed to achieve desired aesthetic results. Kay Nehrbass, RN, is the most experienced Cosmetic Nurse Injector in the area. As an RN for 36 years and specifically a Cosmetic Nurse Injector for over 16 years, Nurse Kay has perfected her techniques using many different products to ensure the desired results are achieved. “We want everyone to be happy with their services and strive to achieve excellence through continuing education with top injectors.” Nurse Kay has received advanced training with Nurse Kay has received advanced training with Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, top Sculptra® aesthetic injector in the world; Dr. Ben Tittle, a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX, and expert Bellafill® long-lasting filler injector; Dr. Edward Zimmerman, renowned cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada, and expert Bellafill® injector; and Dr. Anil Rajani, an industry thought-leader specializing in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. She has also received extensive anatomy instruction on cadavers while attending the Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network conferences. For years Nurse Kay was a trainer for Galderma, instructing others on the proper injection of the Restylane® family of dermal fillers and Dysport®. “We are campaigning this month on the importance of knowing who your injector is—what their experience level is and what they are doing to keep up on all the latest products and techniques. We want our patients to feel they are in very capable hands with Nurse Kay, and feel there is no one better.”

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