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Count Me Healthy by Chelsea Charles

Choose a goal and turn it into a bead count.

When you’re a woman with a full life of juggling your work, your kids, your husband, and everything that naturally comes with the running of a household, along with everything you do to stay healthy, it can be a struggle to keep it all straight. Sure, there are endless techno-geek-and-chic ways of tracking everything from your sleep patterns to the glasses of water you’ve consumed and how many steps you’ve managed to take during the course of the day; but when we’re so managed by those devices that life seems to not be within our own control anymore, the thought of one more thing telling us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it can be too much to bear. And really, who needs one more high-tech display of busyness to remind us that we have a lot to do?

Admittedly, the importance of not letting healthy habits fall by the wayside is more important than

ever—especially for women. We have more health issues to contend with, more responsibilities to juggle and more stress to manage. But in the midst of all that, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that we all need to feel beautiful and remind ourselves that we sparkle and shine, that we matter and that taking care of ourselves both inside and out is a beautiful thing that will help us create a beautiful life—not only for ourselves, but also for the people around us.

For Chelsea Charles, that reminder didn’t need the prompting of technology. It needed the simple act of touching a bead.

Fueled by her business acumen in marketing and product design, it was the desire to combine her own love of all things blingy as well as the health and wellness goals that so drive her life as a woman that led Charles to launch her own jewelry line in 2009, first creating a bracelet whose simple design was both eye catching and deceptively effective. Fittingly called Count Me Healthy, the bangle-style bracelets utilize a series of beads to track various goals—whether those goals are drinking more water, weekly workouts, pounds lost, snacks consumed, or anything else that you’re trying to keep in your sights—and provide a visible reminder each time you look down at your wrist. But more than just a passive reminder, each bead is designed to stay in place until you’ve moved it, keeping you accountable and mindful of whether or not you’ve made the progress you’ve hoped. The simple satisfaction of moving a bead, whether on a daily basis or a weekly one, is one that no techno-gadgetry can match—and that, perhaps, is wherein lies the beauty of it all.

I created the Count Me Healthy bracelets to act as a beautiful journal for your wrist that women could wear anywhere with any attire. They serve as pretty reminders of wellness goals, and I think that the reason I’ve been so successful with them is that they’re unique in the way that they accomplish the mission...”

says Charles, who juggles her own busy life of work, family, travel, and health goals at the home she shares in the Charlotte area of North Carolina with her husband and two young sons. “Creating a healthy balance can be difficult, but I want women to realize and always remember that they are beautiful and that what they do for themselves truly is important.”

Initially launched with the Count Me Healthy bracelets, Chelsea Charles Jewelry has expanded to include a wildly popular golf-inspired line of products called Golf Goddess, bracelets whose golf-ball-like beads are used to count strokes on the fairway and now includes coordinating golf-inspired earrings, necklaces, and gift sets. For those who love great words of inspiration, the jewelry brand also offers necklaces engraved with everything from motivational hashtags to customizable messages and designs printed on the tag-like pendants.

More than just a jewelry designer, it takes only a few clicks around the Chelsea Charles Jewelry website to know that Charles really does try to live a full life. Complete with everything from healthy recipes that look so delicious you might find yourself drooling over the pictures to travel tips to fitness advice, the website is focused on everything a busy woman tries to work into her life, and it really is inspiring. “My family is my biggest inspiration in everything I do, and I think that’s been crucial to keeping me and my work going strong,” Charles says.

So, too, has the media buzz she’s had over the years, having captured the attention of everything from spots on The Today Show and The Doctors to features in such widely read publications as Shape, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Women’s Health. “It’s been an amazing journey,” says Charles. And as the beads slide from one side of the bracelet to the other on her own wrist, she can certainly take satisfaction in the fact that she’s had one more day of beautiful living.

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