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What to Expect at your Dress Fitting

Finding your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of getting married besides the actual day! Once you found the perfect dress there’s typically a few months wait till it comes to the bridal shop and then there are alterations to be done. Here’s what to expect at that first dress fitting:

The most fun part is being able to fall in love with your wedding dress all over again! At this fitting you’ll try on the dress to see how much altering will need to be done. By this point, you need to have your wedding day shoes and undergarments so you know exactly what alterations need to be made and they can be accurate to how everything will look on the big day. This is also the time to be the most nit-picky about all the little details to make sure your dress will be exactly how you want it.

At the second dress fitting you’ll be trying on your dress with these new alterations and checking that they are correct. From here, more alterations may need to be done still or your dress may be good to good. Again, bring your shoes, undergarments, and now any accessories you’ll be wearing. It’s important at this fitting to make sure you’re able to move comfortably in your dress so the whole wedding day will be enjoyable, from the ceremony to the after party.

At the final dress fitting, you’ll be making sure any additional alterations are good to go and your dress is wedding day ready! Be sure to ask your seamstress the best way to take the dress on and off, best way to get out any wrinkles, how to use the bathroom, because the next time you put the dress on will be the wedding day!

You may have more fittings depending on how much altering needs to be done, if you are changing the sleeves, or adding material, etc, so make sure you are doing all these well in advance of the actual wedding. Bring your mom, maid of honor, or other trusted friends that can help you decide those nitty gritty details and will help you take care of the dress between your last fitting and the wedding day. It doesn’t matter how many fittings you have, as long as by the end you feel your dress is perfect for your day!

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