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DJ or Band for your Reception?

It’s time for dinner and dancing! Before you can get there you have to decide how you want the music to be at your reception, hiring a DJ or a live band? There are some things to consider before you make your pick.

What kind of vibe are you going for with the reception, a party that almost gets the cops called or a more intimate and reserved evening? Whatever your taste, make sure your DJ or band can be accommodating to that style. What does your budget look like? Depending on how popular your DJ/band is, how many people are involved, and how much equipment they need, can all determine how much your music will cost. Finally, what fits your venue? If everything is completely outside, how are you going to get all the equipment powered up? Does your inside venue have noise restrictions? All of these are things to consider when choosing whether you want a DJ or live band.

Pros to a DJ

● Generally they are less expensive than a band.

● They are much more likely to find whatever song you or someone else requests.

● If you have an experienced and charismatic DJ, they can keep the atmosphere lively and fun.

● There never has to be a break from the music.

Cons to a DJ

● If you are relying on your DJ to be emcee for the night too and they don’t have the best personality, it can be a real mood killer.

● If your guests aren’t big party people and don’t want to dance, having an upbeat DJ may not be the best fit.

● There can be a lot of big equipment and cords that can mess up the look of an already decorated reception space.

Pros to a Band

● You have a live performance going on so when guests don’t want to dance, they are still getting a great entertaining experience.

● You are able to have unique versions of the songs you want, instead of the same radio songs everyone hears.

Cons to a Band

● They don’t have the variety of music like a DJ.

● They are typically more expensive since you are paying more people.

● They take up more space than a DJ.

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